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between us we have many years experience, too many to contemplate, this is our forum.

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Beoplace was devised as an open forum and consultancy facility, principally, but not exclusively relating to Belgrade architecture, planning and urbanism. As such we welcome contributions from anyone wishing to play a part in making urban environments more liveable or would simply like to share their thoughts and observations on the subject. The Beoplace concept was devised by Alan Derbyshire as a means of delivering a more accessible model of discourse and analysis. After many years working in academia, researching and delivering built environment related programmes, he was inspired to create a forum that was a more immediate mechanism for sharing ideas and research, rather than standard academic journal publishing.


Our focus

Whilst you can't be good at everything, we understand our core themes inside out. We'd love to hear any feedback and obsertvations you have and we encourage you to join our community by contributing to our blog.

What motivates us

We know stuff, but there is always more to learn. Here are some of our key subjects, we'd like to learn more, be a part of this process.

Idea sharing

Ideas are invaluable, express yourninsights on our blog.

Place making

Be proactive in making communities more dynamic and inclusive.


What's good and what's not.


Highlight creativity and learn from experience.

Data wrangling

Start to reveal the commonalities of good practice.

Ecological Urbanism

Let's live in a greener place.


Don't be shy, nothing ventured nothing gained, let us hear your point of view

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